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In March–April 2012:

Forging through Isolation: Tim Challies

“I am eager for Christians to look at personal devotions as being less about Bible study and more about relationship,” says Christian blogger Tim Challies. “I believe we can find freedom in seeing personal devotions as a conversation: hearing from the Lord in the Bible and then speaking to Him in prayer.… This is not about studying the way you would study a Shakespearian play or a textbook. This is relating to God. As I read the Bible, I am trying to ask questions based on my personal relationship with Him. If there is a story in there, I am asking, ‘Why would God reveal Himself in this story? Why does He want me to know this story? What am I being called to do?’ ” —Karen Jones

Tullian Tchividjian: Bible Study for the Present Day

Tullian Tchividjian was so rebellious that his parents kicked him out of their home when he was a teenager. He became fixated on instant gratification that never fully satisfied.… “I had this culminating sense that there was more to life than what I was experiencing. There was more to who I was than what this world was telling me.” Eventually, Tchividjian says, referencing a Francis Thompson poem, “The hound of heaven tracked me down and magnificently defeated me.”

As a young man, newly saved from his “raucous lifestyle,” Tchividjian set out to create and check off his own spiritual to-do list, something he warns against: “I don’t suggest that I—or anyone else—come up with a Bible reading plan that is better than any other plan.… I tried that as a young man, and it just robs you of joy. Bible reading becomes a to-do list instead of a time of communing with God—a hunger to hear God speak through His Word.” —Jeff Goins

Simply the Gospel: 8 Weeks in the Book of James

Every time we declare we are a Christ-follower, we represent Him. Whether we are the leader of a large Christian movement or the one Christian in our workplace, mistakes can be fatal to our proclamation of the gospel message. Nearly every day, we have the chance to drive someone closer to Jesus or farther away. By simply choosing to be peacemakers, determining to seek wisdom, and working to live rightly for Christ’s sake—by demonstrating spiritual fruit—we can draw people to Him. —John D. Barry

Power Play: Kings and Kingdoms in the Balance

A Woman of Influence

Behind every great man there’s a great woman. Or so it’s been said. In the case of King Ahab, the saying acquires a few nuances. Jezebel didn’t just support Ahab: She steered him for her own purposes. And this duo’s legacy would be anything but great. —Wendy Widder

Cutting a Covenant

Every time a new ruler is introduced in 1–2 Kings, the metaphorical ax hangs in the air. Will he do good or evil in “the eyes of the Lord”? An especially scathing postscript is added to Manasseh’s introduction. Not only did he do evil; he led the people “according to the despicable practices of the nations whom the LORD drove out before the people of Israel” (2 Kings 21:2). Every ruler receives the judgment; it’s pertinent because wherever the king leads, the people follow. —Calvin Park

Promise Undelivered?

When exposed to evil, we might doubt God’s presence. Soldiers’ accounts and memoirs often recall times of doubt as they grappled with war atrocity and, ultimately, the struggle between good and evil. While Scripture is clear that good will triumph, it also says evil will win its share of battles. Second Kings 3 records a war event where evil won. —Michael S. Heiser

Library Journal

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Each issue of Bible Study Magazine includes:

Feature Stories

Great interviews and articles with the biggest names in the church and biblical scholarship, including: Josh McDowell, John Piper, Kay Arthur, Mark Driscoll, Randy Alcorn, Mark Goodacre, Daniel Wallace, Lee Strobel, N.T. Wright, Elizabeth George and John MacArthur plus off-the-beaten-path Bible study stories like “Rock Music and Bible Study,” “Bible Study in Hollywood,” and “Bible at Bat.”

Bible Study Tips

Thoughtful and engaging authors tackle the tough passages in Scripture and explain difficult concepts in a way that helps God’s Word make sense.

On the Cutting Edge

Read the Bible like never before with the aid of leading archaeological and historical findings. Includes articles like, “God’s Word through Multiple Voices: The Case of Sennacherib’s Invasion of Judah” and “The Real Ten Commandments?” which looked at Exodus 34 as the possible Real Ten Commandments instead of the traditional Exodus 20.

Not Your Average Bible Study

Encounter God by yourself or with other believers with an ongoing Bible study in each issue. Currently featuring "How Have You Loved Us, God? A Study in Malachi."

D.I.Y. Bible Study

Learn how to effectively use Bible study tools with our how-to guides. This section tackles tough problems using commentaries, dictionaries, handbooks and many other tools.

In the News

Keep informed about the latest news in biblically related topics, discoveries and events.

Thoughts from the Church Fathers

Read the Bible along with those who have come before you and learn from their wisdom.

Word Studies

Get a close-up view of the Bible! Each issue teaches you about significant Greek and Hebrew words, plus tells you how to examine the words without knowing the original languages.

What They Don’t Tell You in Church

Features articles like “What’s in Your Bible?,” graphically illustrating what books each church tradition considers part of their Bible. Also includes articles like “Counting the Ten Commandments,” exploring how each major religious tradition divides the ten commandments.

I Dare You Not to Bore Me with the Bible

See things you never noticed in biblical passages you have read dozens of times. Includes articles like ”Paul’s Lost Letters“ and an article exploring the question ”Did Jesus believe in Reincarnation?”

A Moment with God

Devotions at their best—in-depth, but personal and applicable.

Bible Comics & Puzzles

The best comics and puzzles related to the Bible.

Weird, but Important

Strange passages explained and made culturally relevant. A previous issue included, “Sanctified Dirt,” which explained why Naaman asked Elijah to take dirt from Israel back to his country.

The Bible as Art

Learn how the biblical writers used literary forms, such as metaphors and irony.

Shelf Life

Stay on top of the latest books about Bible study. Each issue contains reviews of books and commentaries to equip you in your study of God’s Word.

Expand your study of the Bible and discover new insights from God’s Word!

In every 48-page issue, you’ll get sound advice and enriching insights from pastors and scholars who have spent a lifetime applying the Bible to their lives and teaching others how to do the same. Read pastor profiles, author interviews, and stories of individuals whose engagement with Scripture has shaped their thinking and defined their ministries. Bible Study Magazine reveals the impact of God's Word on their lives and the power of Scripture in yours.

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